About Eva

Loud. Opinionated. Never afraid to speak her mind.

Eva is great at:
  • Translating problems into solutions
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Doing presentations and pitches
  • Assessing business ideas
  • Asking questions others dare not ask

If you feel like your life is dull and your endeavours are not going anywhere, you definitely need an Eva in your life.

Eva will not stay still even when you stuff her inside a bottle. She needs constant stimuli and new challenges every day. Eva works best on short-term projects or long-term projects that have periodically varying subtasks. If you are looking for someone to do the same routine job from day to day, an Eva is not for you.

Same goes for sticking to the norm and following orders without questioning the motives. Eva will push you forward by making you think about what you actually want to achieve and why. She will not be afraid of opposing you when she does not agree with you. Her goal is not to block you from doing what you want to do. Quite the opposite. She will support you by starting a discussion, if necessary, to see whether there is a better course of action.

Eva is extremely resilient. She is like a roly-poly toy – push her down and she will get back up again, wipe the dust off her clothes, and carry on with a new lesson learned. Some call it “being in the zone“, some call it “flow“, Eva calls it pure stubbornness. Once Eva has her mind set to something, she is capable of spending hours on making it work, forgetting all about basic necessities, such as food, liquid consumption, or toilet breaks.

Bonus skills:

  • Generating crazy ideas
  • Basic car repair
  • Dutch theatre sports and improvisational theatre
  • Consulting on intimate health and personal wellbeing