I am Eva Maria Veitmaa

Passionately located in the holy trinity of tech, business, and people, I love ¿asking questions?, ⇐pushing boundaries⇒, ❮combining my knowledge+skills across domains❯, and creatively coming up with ★novel solutions★ as a result.

I am Eva Maria Veitmaa

What I Love Doing

Because of all the different projects I have done and events I have partaken in, I have been titled ✨Animated Chaos✨. I seek variety and have been fortunate to have tons of it. Here are some of the things that light a spark in me.

Product Management

Designing products that delight the users and provide business value.


Building strong self-organising teams through servant leadership.

Public Speaking

Giving captivating presentations and crafting visually compelling slides.

User Research

Understanding motivations and figuring out the root of the problems.


Pushing the boundaries of what's possible through creative solutions.


Representing brands I believe in at events and on social media.