MBSR 4: Virgin meditation

I find it fascinating how the mind tricks us. When I close my eyes and meditate for 30 minutes, all sorts of peculiar things happen. For example, thoughts. No matter how hard I try to focus on the body scan, these rogue thoughts keep attacking me. Thoughts about whose couch I should ask to crash … Continue reading MBSR 4: Virgin meditation

MBSR 3: How I achieved a state of no bones

aka Body scan for pain relief I have been having weird pains these last couple of days. It all began with my right wrist. I noticed it during yoga. There was a sharp pain whenever I had my wrist at an angle. It wasn't intolerable, but it was also far from being pleasant. The next … Continue reading MBSR 3: How I achieved a state of no bones

MBSR 2: Mindful check-in

Exercise Take a few moments to be still. Congratulate yourself for taking this time for meditation practice. Begin this mindful check-in by feeling into your body and mind and simply allowing any waves of thought, emotion, or physical sensation to just be. Perhaps this is the first break you’ve taken amidst a busy day. As … Continue reading MBSR 2: Mindful check-in

MBSR 1: Mindfully eating a pecan nut

Exercise Place a few raisins in your hand. If you don’t have raisins, any food will do. Imagine that you have just come to Earth from a distant planet without such food. Now, with this food in hand, you can begin to explore it with all of your senses. Focus on one of the objects … Continue reading MBSR 1: Mindfully eating a pecan nut