Welcome to every researcher’s worst nightmare

Surveys are a tricky data collection method. On the one hand, they enable reaching thousands of people and gathering a magnitude of data in a short timeframe. On the other hand, they rarely capture the information they ought to. The reason for that is often bad design. Survey design is no joke. A fool can ask … Continue reading Welcome to every researcher’s worst nightmare

From worries to motivations

Lately, I have been feeling dissatisfied. Restless. Anxious. Worried. Worn. I feel like I am sitting in a pressure cooker. Yet I am unsure where the pressure comes from. Yes, I have a Master's graduation project to do, but I am a clever girl, I should manage just fine. I have a company to collaborate … Continue reading From worries to motivations

Dilemmas in HCI

The domain of Human Computer Interaction is riddled with dilemmas affecting both users and designers. Let some of these problems be presented as follows. Testing  users systems is necessary, but costly Note: Users should not be tested, systems should. Users help identify usability problems the systems have. All technology should be adapted to fit the … Continue reading Dilemmas in HCI

About Recording And Sound Design

People behave in different ways when being recorded. Some prefer sitting down. Others get a more powerful voice when standing up, supported only by their own two feet. Those who sit may start fidgeting and swivelling and, thus, ruin the recording by introducing chair noises. Those who stand may start shifting their weight from one … Continue reading About Recording And Sound Design