Grinberg method. Done remotely.

I saw a post on Reddit the other day where a Grinberg practitioner was looking for volunteers who could help him try out an online session. Of course, I signed up. We did a session via Zoom for approximately 1 hour with introduction and cooldown included. In the beginning, we talked a bit about what … Continue reading Grinberg method. Done remotely.

MBSR 2: Mindful check-in

Exercise Take a few moments to be still. Congratulate yourself for taking this time for meditation practice. Begin this mindful check-in by feeling into your body and mind and simply allowing any waves of thought, emotion, or physical sensation to just be. Perhaps this is the first break you’ve taken amidst a busy day. As … Continue reading MBSR 2: Mindful check-in

MBSR 1: Mindfully eating a pecan nut

Exercise Place a few raisins in your hand. If you don’t have raisins, any food will do. Imagine that you have just come to Earth from a distant planet without such food. Now, with this food in hand, you can begin to explore it with all of your senses. Focus on one of the objects … Continue reading MBSR 1: Mindfully eating a pecan nut

From worries to motivations

Lately, I have been feeling dissatisfied. Restless. Anxious. Worried. Worn. I feel like I am sitting in a pressure cooker. Yet I am unsure where the pressure comes from. Yes, I have a Master's graduation project to do, but I am a clever girl, I should manage just fine. I have a company to collaborate … Continue reading From worries to motivations