Mida annab Circle K Pesupass?

Kes veel ei tea, siis Circle K paistab olevat oma autopesu-teisipäevad asendanud Pesupassiga - püsitellimusloogikal automaatpesula teenusega. Katsetasin seda kuu aega ja jagan meelsasti oma kogemust-arvamust nii mõnegi asja kohta, mida tankla koduleht on unustanud mainida. Alustada tuleb sellest, et isa tegi mulle märkuse - kui ma autot ei pese, siis see kaua vastu ei … Continue reading Mida annab Circle K Pesupass?


The prices shown on the web pages of Estonian telecommunication providers are usually twice as high as what the people actually pay. It is general knowledge that you must reach out to service providers and ask for covert deals to get cheaper mobile plans. I usually participate in the circle jerk of contacting providers for … Continue reading WHAT YOU SEE IS *NOT* WHAT YOU GET


Essay from April 2015 submitted to a competition by Metsaülikool and published in a collection of articles in 2020. Essee kirjutamise ajal oli Eva Maria Veitmaa Saaremaa Ühisgümnaasiumi 12. klassi õpilane. Tema essee pälvis Metsaülikooli koolinoorte esseekonkursil kolmanda koha.Tänaseks on Eva pühendunud inimese ja tehnoloogia vahelise suhtluse uurimisele. Tema eesmärgiks on luua lahendusi, mis on … Continue reading Ülestunnistus

Welcome to every researcher’s worst nightmare

Surveys are a tricky data collection method. On the one hand, they enable reaching thousands of people and gathering a magnitude of data in a short timeframe. On the other hand, they rarely capture the information they ought to. The reason for that is often bad design. Survey design is no joke. A fool can ask … Continue reading Welcome to every researcher’s worst nightmare

Are Familiar Strangers Becoming an Endangered Species?

According to the paper "The Familiar Stranger: Anxiety, Comfort, and Play in Public Spaces" by Eric Paulos and Elizabeth Goodman [1], Familiar Strangers are people we regularly encounter during our daily activities in public spaces, yet never interact with directly. They are people who wait alongside us at the bus station, do their groceries the … Continue reading Are Familiar Strangers Becoming an Endangered Species?