EIT Alumni Startup Days x Women@EIT

I had one of the best and most relaxing hackathon experiences yesterday at EIT Alumni Startup Days X Women@EIT.

Together with the amazing Mohit Ahuja and Leire Carreras Orobengoa we tackled the case of online shopping and badly fitting clothes provided by the awesome sustainability-oriented company Afound.

We came up with a novel idea of a shape-changing mannequin combined with a dressing robot and a camera feed that would present how the clothing item looks like on the customer’s specific body type. A solution of “trying on clothes remotely” would help customers make better decisions even before placing the order and let them feel more satisfied with their purchases in the end, thus causing less returns (including cost and sustainability issues) for Afound and a better customer experience in general.

Unfortunately, our idea was too innovative to be selected a winner, but we had a lot of fun and many complex discussions on various topics with some of the best team members, hackathon participants, and organisers one could desire. Thank you, Afound, EIT Alumni Community, Women@EIT, EIT Digital and others connected to the event for providing us with this opportunity.

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