The Wildflower

“The Wildflower” is a dramatic bedtime story for grown-ups. It tells the tale of a lonely flower admired by three competing lovers – the Bee, the Bird, and the Butterfly. While the Wildflower knows she has to choose between her friends, she decides to postpone the day repeatedly.

“The Wildflower” is a sound design project done for the course Storytelling through Sound.

The radio drama is based on an original metaphorical story by me.

The majority of sounds are original recordings created for this project. The field recordings were captured using the Zoom H4n handheld microphone. Mixing and editing was fully done by me using Reaper.

The project was done according to the teachings and under the guidance of Rik Nieuwdorp. Thank you, Rik, for this amazing opportunity!

Sounds from other artists

In order of appearance:

  1. Stream:
  1. Elk:
  1. Slap:

Everything else was composed, recorded, and created by me. The main melody is a song my beloved mother once played to me on the piano.


Eva Stronkman – The Wildflower

Victor Reijnders – The Bee

Bradley Hillas – The Butterfly

Simon Nagel – The Bird

Eva Maria Veitmaa – Narration, sound design, and story

Rik Nieuwdorp – Teacher and mentor

My sincere gratitude goes to all of the amazing voice actors I had the pleasure of working with.

And thank you, Rik, for pouring all this knowledge on us. With a twinkle in your eye, you could go on for hours about sounds, recording, and sound design.

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