A Metal Bird

A metal bird makes one last turn
as the final rays of a setting star
glance over its wings
disappearing into the soft milkiness
as light as a lovers’ first kiss
leaving behind a glowing belt of pink.

The night has arrived.
And so have I.


What is a tactile screen?

An understandable explanation
Figure 1. Examples of screens.

Screens surround us everywhere. There is the TV screen, the computer monitor, the annoying moving advertisement that takes up the whole wall of the building right next to the bus stop, and the part that we poke daily on our smartphones.

But what is a tactile screen?


Translating a poem from a language I do not speak

I had the opportunity to translate a poem for one of my projects (FireFlies). To be fair, we formulated the project in a way that created this opportunity. I adore writing little rhymes and poems myself and wished to try translating the work of others.

The only obstacle was that the original poem was in Old Dutch and I was very far from being proficient in Dutch. In fact, I only knew a couple of elementary words, such as please and thank you and how to ask for a marshmallow.


Let small girls play with big boy tools

When Kasper invited me over to help with building stage decor and said that my task would be playing around with a jigsaw, I had pictured sitting on a clean floor, putting together nice puzzle pieces. You can only imagine my surprise when I was handed a humongous wooden board and an actual power tool. Plus, when we ended, the floor was far from clean.


About Recording And Sound Design

People behave in different ways when being recorded.

Some prefer sitting down. Others get a more powerful voice when standing up, supported only by their own two feet.

Those who sit may start fidgeting and swivelling and, thus, ruin the recording by introducing chair noises.

Those who stand may start shifting their weight from one foot to another distancing themselves from the microphone occasionally. Sometimes, they have squeaky shoes.


The Wildflower

In the middle of a vast field of greenery grew a bedazzling lone Wildflower. She was born deep in the ground.

“I am so lonely. The grass is so tall, and I am so small. I wish someone noticed me… I wish I had someone to talk to…”


Why I won’t tell people to “look it up”​ anymore

Yesterday, somebody asked me what a hermit crab is. I told them to look it up.

Today, in a group chat full of IT people, I asked what I should know if I wanted to create my own web page. They told me to look it up.

In both of these scenarios, those who had been asked knew the answer but refused to share it. Instead, the enquirer was directed to the vast search space of the Internet. On their own. With no support.