Essay from April 2015 submitted to a competition by Metsaülikool and published in a collection of articles in 2020. Essee kirjutamise ajal oli Eva Maria Veitmaa Saaremaa Ühisgümnaasiumi 12. klassi õpilane. Tema essee pälvis Metsaülikooli koolinoorte esseekonkursil kolmanda koha.Tänaseks on Eva pühendunud inimese ja tehnoloogia vahelise suhtluse uurimisele. Tema eesmärgiks on luua lahendusi, mis on … Continue reading Ülestunnistus

What is a tactile screen?

An understandable explanation Figure 1. Examples of screens. Screens surround us everywhere. There is the TV screen, the computer monitor, the annoying moving advertisement that takes up the whole wall of the building right next to the bus stop, and the part that we poke daily on our smartphones. But what is a tactile screen? Well, the … Continue reading What is a tactile screen?

Translating a poem from a language I do not speak

I had the opportunity to translate a poem for one of my projects (FireFlies). To be fair, we formulated the project in a way that created this opportunity. I adore writing little rhymes and poems myself and wished to try translating the work of others. The only obstacle was that the original poem was in … Continue reading Translating a poem from a language I do not speak