Innovation Scan

A project carried out to analyze the current innovation management strategy of the company NDIX and to propose solutions for improvement.

This project is based on the Innovation Scan questionnaire and Innovation Management theory by the consulting firm Circin and Sandor Löwik.

The Innovation Management Model consists of interrelated aspects of management science in a three-level hierarchy: Strategic (innovation strategy), Tactical (resources, competences) and Operational (opportunity recognition, development, exploitation) level. It also takes into account other factors, such as leadership, partnerships and external environment (market, societal, and technological developments).

The innovation management strategy of the company is determined by drawing on the Miles and Snow’s (1978) topology. Based on the scores from the Innovation Scan, the company categorizes as either a Prospector, Defender, Analyzer or Reactor in all of the categories of the Innovation Management Model.

If the strategies differ between the categories, indicating a misalignment and instability, solutions are proposed to align the strategy better.

The project consisted of the following steps:

  1. Online research on the company to get an overview of both the company and the market they are active in.
  2. A meeting with the company’s management team to get further insight into company’s field of operation and general outline of their innovation management.
  3. Members of the management team are asked to fill in the Innovation Scan individually.
  4. Information from the individual Innovation Scans is analyzed.
  5. Company’s innovation strategy and misfits between the different factors of the Innovation Management Model are determined.
  6. Possible solutions are proposed to achieve the fit between the different areas of the Innovation Management Model.
  7. Results are presented to and discussed with the company to see which suggestions are viable.

The project results are confidential and have been handed over to NDIX directly.

Project team:

Eva Maria Veitmaa
Zack Wilson
Shubham Rai
Feiyi Su
Vahur Varris
Kimsukha Selvi


Sandor Löwik

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