WorkER is a mobile-based virtual reality application designed to simulate a variety of emergency situations. WorkER can be used for training and testing purposes by emergency workers from different disciplinary fields, for example, paramedics, firefighters, and the police. By removing the location-induced constraints from the training process, WorkER enables rescue workers to train more often, thus constantly improving their skills, effectiveness, and efficiency, and allowing them to retain their level of professionalism. WorkER gives constant feedback on the user’s performance and provides progress reports.

Pitch Video

This project was carried out as part of the business development course for EIT Digital Master School. Over the course of 6 months we followed the lean start-up method to find an existing problem and to come up with a viable solution.

In a team of six, we worked closely with international stakeholders from the industry of emergency and rescue services.

Main activities during the project were:

– Interviews for identifying the customer needs;
– Ideation for coming up with a solution proposal;
– Rapid prototyping;
– Market research to confirm the suitability of the proposed solution;
– Analysing the business opportunities and financial aspects.

The final deliverables were a pitch deck, a demo video, and a thorough report on both the idea and the development process.


Project Team:

Eva Maria Veitmaa
Laura Ham
Zachary Wilson
Annkatrin Jung
Aditya Gianto Hadiwijaya

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