Note-Taking Habits

This case study on note-taking habits of a student at the University of Twente was a user research project carried out to familiarise myself with common user research concepts, measures and methods (course taught by prof. Jan Maarten Schraagen).

The goals of this study were to investigate why, when, and how students take notes and whether they collaborate on them, and to analyse how Microsoft OneNote and its functionality could help them in their note-taking process.

The project gave hands-on experience with user research in addition to the theory learned in class.

Most important knowledge gained:

  • How to organise different user research activities
  • How to compose unbiased questions
  • Where and when to use qualitative or quantitative methods

Used methods:

  • Diary study
  • Semi-structured interview
  • Field study
  • Usability testing

Each method relied on the previous method meaning that every additional method was used to clarify findings from the previous or to explore aspects that previous methods did not reveal.


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